Dencar Technology

Helping operators increase revenue through an Integrated Sales Experience.

Integrated Sales Experience Point of Sale Equipment

Auto Pay Series

If you want the latest technology, you don't have to compromise.  Choose a pay station model based on your site's volume and characteristics.  

Auto Pay Retrofit


Retrofits for the Hamilton ACW & Goldline Series pay stations.  (contact us if you need a retrofit for a different company)

Standalone Wash Pass

Do you just want to add unattended monthly wash pass sales without experiencing fraud?  We have a stand alone wash pass unit to meet your needs.

Self Serve

Integrate your self serve bays to every other aspect of your site including bug prep for your auto bay, buy-a-wash-get-a-vac, pet wash discounts.  Let your imagination expand.

Vacuum Activation

Giving away free vacuums is easy, but typically invites clientele you don't really want.  Buy a wash, get a free vac, makes a lot more sense.  Target your loyalty club users for upgrade to your monthly wash pass with a bolt-on vacuum activation unit.

Vending Activation

Integrate your vending machine into your site's Integrated Sales Experience.  Reward your best customers and entice new ones.  You now have visibility and program integration across every profit center of your business.