Dencar Technology

Dencar Technology specializes in the delivery of advanced point of sale systems for the unattended and/or attended if you prefer, car wash industry. In addition, we supply responsive digital signage integrated to the point of sale and wash control platform as well as vacuum control integration.

Our design philosophy is to replicate the attended car wash experience with automated equipment running 24/7. With Dencar’s automated equipment you no longer have to endure the expensive personnel costs working onsite to manually sell wash passes, install RFID tags, explain options, reset equipment, and manage the environment. We built an Integrated Sales Experience platform to do all those activities automatically and/or remotely for the unattended market without fraud.

Our current cloud-integrated hardware line-up includes:

Dencar Pay Station

Retrofit Door

For those that have a legacy Hamilton ACW or Goldline

Retrofit Kit


In-bay Directional Sign

43" sign to replace your in-bay directional sign tree

Menu Board

65" sign to replace your static sign

Vacuum Activation

Link your "free vac" to monthly passes or to wash purchases

If you would like to know more, please reach out at


Come see us at the International Car Wash show in San Antonio, TX April 6-8, 2020. We will be next to Petit Autowash Inc.